Agvocaters Gonna Agvocate-cate-cate-cate

It’s happened to all of us at some point. You’ll be going through your day and then you’ll realize that you have a song stuck in your head. Is it that song that was on the radio this morning that you haven’t heard in a while? Nope. Is it that new song you’ve played over and over on Spotify the past few days? Nope. Surely it’s your all-time favorite song. Yeah, it’s not. Chances are, it’s a Taylor Swift song (unless of course a Taylor Swift song does fit into any of the three categories I just listed, then you definitely have one of her songs in your head).

Taylor released her first song when I was in junior high, and she was instantly one of my favorite artists. As I got older, she started to get more and more haters (and more inspiration for her songs, apparently), and I pretty much became a closet Swiftie. But now I don’t care. I like Taylor Swift. I have almost all of her CDs. And I want to be her friend.

You know what is cool about Taylor? She eats food. Who grows that food? American farmers do, and American farmers and ranchers are pretty cool too. You may be wondering at this point what Taylor Swift has to do with advocating for agriculture (also known as agvocating), and the honest answer is not a whole lot.

I recently attended the AgChat Collegiate Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana and learned that in order to connect with consumers, you can’t lead off with promoting agriculture and shove it down their throats. You have to make a connection first. Talk about something you have in common and get to know the other person you are talking to. Try talking about where they grew up, their favorite sports team, or even what the weather is like. And if all else fails, you can always talk about Taylor Swift.



In this picture, members of the #RealPigFarming student social forces pose for a picture at the AgChat Collegiate Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Photo by Lexi Marek

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