Pork ‘n Beans Recipe Challenge is Ready – Are you?

Pork and Bean Apple Pie

The Pork and Bean Apple Pie creation by Pam Lam of Seward, Neb. won the 2009 Pork 'n Beans Challenge.

Nebraska pork producers and dry bean growers know that there are hundreds of mouth-watering “secret” recipes combining the great taste of pork and beans in kitchens across the state. And together, the organizations will make it worth your time to get the recipe out and spill its secrets: A $1,000 grand prize in the 2010 Pork ‘n Beans Recipe Challenge.

“Today’s pork is leaner than ever, while dry beans are a great source of low-fat fiber and protein, said Jane Reeson of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association. “People have joined the two for years to create flavorful and nutritious meals, and we’re excited to try some new and creative recipes.”

To enter the contest, which is sponsored and organized by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association and the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission, recipes must use either boneless pork loin or tenderloin and any dry edible bean, canned or dry-packaged.

“Nebraska is the country’s top producer of great northern beans and a leading producer of pinto, light red kidney, black and navy beans,” said Lynn Reuter of the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission. “I’ve no doubt there are many recipes combining these dry edible beans and pork that have been updated, created and tweaked in family kitchens across the state. We’d love to have a taste.”

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Free ‘State Fair Prize-Winning Pork Recipes’ are available at NPPA office

State Fair Recipe Book

State Fair Recipe books are offered FREE of charge by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association. Get them while they last!

Jane Reeson, the domestic marketing director for the Nebraska Pork Producers Association, spoke to the Morning Blend Omaha TV show hosts September 8, 2010 to promote the nutrional value and easy preparation of pork today. (To watch the TV segment, click here.) And as a continued part of the pork promotion, NPPA is giving away “State Fair Prize-Winning Pork Recipe” books for free – all we need is your name and an address.

“There’s no state fair like my state fair!” boasts the song tribute to the many state fairs that take place across the county every year. At the fair, you can experience the biggest and the bset in your state – from the biggest boar to the best pork recipe!

The National Pork Board sponsored the “We Want WOW Now Pork Recipe Contest” at U.S. fairs, awarding ribbons and cash to cooks across the country for their quick, easy, creative and tasty pork recipes. On behalf of America’s pork producers, we are now sharing those first-place winners with you!

Each recipe has only FIVE ingredients plus pork (salt, pepper, water and oil don’t count) and were judged the best for getting a creative dinner together fast. Serve up these winners at your table. You may not get a ribbon, but empty plates, full stomachs and smiles all around will be the best prize of all!

For more recipe ideas that will WOW you, visit www.TheOtherWhiteMeat.com.