Hog Blog beginnings

Hog Blog was created to keep those involved with the pork industry, as well as those who are pork-loving consumers, updated on important information and activities the Nebraska pork producers and its association are doing for you and your family. Nebraska pork producers strive to produce safe, affordable and extremely delicious pork products for all to enjoy.

So please stay tuned to Hog Blog, visit www.Nepork.org, join the Nebraska Pork Producers Association’s group on Facebook (www.facebook.com/nepork)  and follow us on Twitter @neporkproducers!

Hog Blog Comments

It is the policy of the Nebraska  Pork Producers Association not to discriminate on the basis of sex, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veteran’s status, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation when screening blog comments.  We encourage participation, but comments containing foul language, spam, or are written off topic will not be posted.  NPPA has the right to accept or deny any submissions.

2 comments on “Hog Blog beginnings

  1. Terry O'Neel says:

    Great job with starting Hog Blog! Its way overdue. I’m really looking forward to Ribfest. I hope there is a good turn out of producers at the meetings. We have a lot to talk about. These current hog prices really suck! H1N1 and the poor economy have taken their toll on our financial situations but it shouldnt be THIS BAD… Something is not right. It seems to me the producer is taking more of a hit than anyone else in the pork chain. But isnt that the way it USUALLY is! Maybe we need to do something radical to bring attention to our current circumstances. I just needed to vent some frustrations, it has been a stressful summer. See you at Ribfest.

  2. consumers need to start asking questions to these producers
    why are there so many diseases popping up on Industrial producers?
    what are they feeding these animals?
    are they feeding antibiotics whether the animals are sick or not?
    how are the animals living conditions?
    go to the library and look at the feb. march issue of Mother Earth News also look at the newest issue. check out the website http://www.FRESHthemovie.com. Read the book Holy Cows and Hog Heaven by Joel Salatin
    Knowledge is power.

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