Shadowing Experience with Steve Landon and Others

By Kayce Kobs, Nebraska Pork Producers Association Mentor

One might find the title of this paper a bit interesting for lack of a better word. Truthfully, to include all of those involved in my shadow would mean taking up quite a bit of space in the title. My shadow turned out a bit differently than I expected it to. I decided I wanted to shadow Steve Landon because I knew he was an extension assistant for Washington County, Nebraska and I know he helped out during the hog show every year, but he disappears at times and I wanted to know what he does behind the scenes.

I’ve proudly shown hogs for 7 years, but I’ve never really known all the things that go into preparation for a show and that’s why I decided to shadow Steve. I decided the Fremont Fair in Fremont, Nebraska would be a better place to do this because 9 counties are able to show there so I thought there might be more to it as far as getting sponsors and equipment goes. Little did I know that my shadow with Steve would turn into a shadow with Karna Dam (Sounder’s County Extension Educator), the Judge from that night who originated in Texas, the Cumming County Extension Educator,  a Hog Club leader from Cumming County, and the Washington County 4-H intern. Getting all of these different perspectives on the show was enlightening. I didn’t get as much inside hands on experience as I would like because planning for the show begins way before the show commences, but I did get some valuable information.

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