Good meal equals good cause

The National Pork Board kicked off the National Eat Dinner Together week several years ago as a means of promoting family meal time.  This year, in addition to National Eat Dinner Together week, National Pork Board has created a partnership with Feeding America – the national organiation that supports our nation’s food banks.  For every recipe on the below link that is printed or downloaded – we’ll donate five pounds of  pork to the nation’s food bank.

In these tough economic times, food banks are seeing a 30 percent increase in the number of people seeking assitance.  So follow the link and check out the recipes for great meal ideas and to help a great cause!

NPPA hosts ‘Thank You Dinner’ for 4-H and FFA

By Stephanie Bryant, Nebraska Pork Producers Association Mentor

My fourth and final pork promotional event was the FFA & 4-H Thank you dinner that was put on by the Nebraska Pork Producers and the Nebraska Soybean Board.  The event was supposed to feed somewhere between 2200-2500 people, and I am pretty certain that we did. 

Although the event started at 4:00 pm officially, it was busy almost from the time I got there (around 3:45ish) and there was still a line to the street when I left at 6:00ish.  I never showed any animals at the State Fair, nor have I spent much time there just to look around.  The number of young show people who went through that line was amazing.

I know that 2200 people may not sound like many to those who come from a larger town, but for me, that is almost the entire population of Valentine, which is our county seat, going through that line.  Another thing to put into perspective is the fact that there are 20,000 people who live and work on production agriculture operations in Nebraska.  (I saw that somewhere during the fair.)  This means that ten percent of those people went through that line, give or take. 

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NPPA mentors spark pork industry interest at NAYI

KayceBy Kayce Kobs, Nebraska Pork Producers Mentor

The Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute (NAYI) celebrated its 38th anniversary in July 2009. It is a five day educational exposure to the many aspects of agriculture. NAYI not only expands young people’s understanding of agriculture, but it also develops the individual. Leadership development, critical thinking, and decision making skills, along with the opportunity to interact with other youth interested in the future of agriculture, are key elements of NAYI.

The NAYI program is coordinated and directed by the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council (NAYC). The Council consists of 14 college-age men and women who have been appointed to serve and educate Nebraska’s number one resource – youth – on the importance of agriculture.

Two Nebraska Pork Producers Association Mentors , Kayce Kobs and Jessica Clowser, had the opportunity to speak to the NAYI attendees about the pork industry and how the Pork Mentoring Program can benefit their educational experience. Here is Kayce Kob’s thoughts on the day.

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