About NPPA

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association is a grassroots, incorporated, non-profit organization established in 1961  and was developed to promote the pork industry through the enhancement of consumer demand and producer education and research. 

The NPPA office is located in the Corporate Centre office building near 70th and O streets in Lincoln, Neb. The address is 7441 O Street, Suite 104, Lincoln NE 68510

Mission Statement:  To communicate opportunities within the pork industry that will encourage profitability and sustainablity of Nebraska’s  producers of pork, by serving as a positive voice and being a leader through the development of sound relationships that enhance opportunities.

Vision Statement: To ensure opportunities for success for Nebraska’s producers of pork, regardless of size or production style — as well as the state’s youth — by enhancing their opportunities for success within the pork industry.

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