The Life of a Hog Farmer’s Wife

By Shannon Clark, Nebraska pork producer         

                 The life of a hog farmer’s wife is far more interesting than I thought!  And surprisingly enough, I love it, and wouldn’t change a thing (ok, well maybe I would change the smell). 

                There are a few important things I would like to share about what I have learned about being married to a man who raises hogs.  First, ALWAYS check the pockets of any jeans, shorts, work pants, etc.  They are bound to have chalk markers, receipts, tools, etc in them.  And if you are lucky, you may find wrappers from the local gas station or even a quarter!  Second, give up on vacuuming/scrubbing of floors and dusting.  Forget the dusting, because gravel just doesn’t allow that, and the vacuuming and scrubbing of floors, because as soon as you do it, he will walk across the floor with work boots on.  Third, just accept the fact that hogs don’t smell; they are just the “smell of money.”  Fourth, if you have the chance, you better go on vacation because it may be 5-10 years before your loved one has the opportunity to leave again.  For you, a vacation may end up being to the World Pork Expo.

                There are some benefits to marrying a hog farmer.  Currently, my husband and I have a deep freezer dedicated to pork.  Pork chops, ground pork, bacon, pretty much anything you want!   I do love my bacon!

              The best benefit of being involved in a hog farm is raising kids on one!  Now, I’m new to this “hog thing” and I’m new to parenting; but I’ll tell you, I think our 17 month-old son, Brayton, has experienced more than most people out there!  He will, if asked, kiss a sow, pick up a piglet, run around in the nursery and chase the pigs, and follow Daddy around wherever he goes.  It is darn cute.  I think I have a future hog farmer on my hands!