New Twist to America’s Favorite Pork Item

New Twist to America’s Favorite Pork Item

By Abigail Wehrbein

Everyone loves bacon. How can you not resist the maple smell that fills up the room? Or the sound of it sizzling in the frying pan? Or pairing it with everything else you eat!? YOU CAN’T!! But here’s a new way to add a twist to your favorite, go-to pork. It’s called Bacon Rub.

Southern Culture Artisans Foods started in 2012 by a woman named Erica from Atlanta. Her goal was to re-invent breakfast items and add homemade fun into the flavors and recipes. She has come out with three different Bacon Rubs that are as simple to make as just putting the bacon in the oven and cooking for 15 minutes. The Original Bacon Rub is sweet and spicy seasonings blend that coats the bacon with a glaze making it look like candy. The other two flavors are Bourbon Pecan Praline and a Savory Cajun seasoning. Southern Culture also makes pancake and waffle mixes, syrups, grits and gifts. Besides her website, you can purchase the bacon rub and her other products at Von Mar, Amazon and varies markets and gift shops. I think it’s time for a fresh turn at the breakfast table, or just anytime you’re reaching for that slice of pork heaven.

Bacon Rub

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