Pork Mentorship Has Its Privileges

Contributed by Lukas Fricke and Amanda Clymer

The choice of which restaurant to choose on a date is especially difficult. That is why we the Nebraska Pork Producers Association Mentors have taken upon ourselves to help lessen the chance of a bitter and week-long lover’s quarrel.

Toast, a coffee, deli, and bar is nestled within the Fallbrook subdivision – Town Centre. The restaurant, placed in a building made to look old, offers plentiful seating options. We chose one of the busiest times to go out for dinner, right after a Husker football game (thanks to Lukas and his undying ability to make up his mind at the last minute).

We decided to walk into this local hangout spot and pick a nice table located near the back of the place. Immediately walking in you can notice the detail put into aging this late 2000’s subdivision construction. Details such as reused – over varnished wood trim and the rough textured walls. The seating was close yet, left room to be comfortable.

Almost immediately we were greeted by the friendly waiting staff and had our drinks within a minute and our appetizer order being placed. We chose the Filipino Pork Wraps to start off our evening of “enchantment”. This dish was sweet soy marinated pork loin served inside of a fresh lettuce leaf and paired with homemade pineapple salsa.





We then ventured into the entrees and liked what we saw. Cottage Pie with bacon and Brussel sprouts was Amanda’s selection

brussel sprouts







and Lukas ordered an ol’ Bavarian favorite, Viennese Schnitzel

cottage pie






The menu describes the cottage pie as a mixture of braised pork loin and tender vegetables topped with homemade mashed potatoes. The dish is also served with Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon. Lets just say that since this entrée includes pork in both the main dish and the side you can not go wrong with it.

The Schnitzel is breaded pork loin topped with a dill sour cream sauce. The dish also boasted a delicious bed of egg noodles and seasonal vegetables.







To end the night there is always dessert. None of the options involve pork, but there is definitely some enticing options. We tried the chocolate cake with UNL dairy store ice cream and the strawberry cheese cake. Just a warning the cake is plenty rich so be sure to get the ice cream and maybe even share it.







So next time that week-long quarrel in deciding where to go for date night remember these pork options at Toast and head over to the Fallbrook area. Enjoy the atmosphere and some great food.

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