Schweine Museum

Contributed by: Toni Rasmussen

Pigs, pork, swine. If you’re into porcine, you may want to consider a trip to southwest Germany.

The city of Stuttgart (population: 587,655) features the largest pig museum in the world. The owner is Mrs. Erika Wilhelmer, who according to the Travel Mindset blog wears flying pig glasses and is originally from Innsbruck, Austria. She collected pigs and started the museum in 1989 in Bad Wimpfen, which is 50 km north of Stuttgart. In 1992, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, it was already the world’s largest pig museum with 25,000 exhibits. In 2010, the museum relocated to Stuttgart and opened in May.

Ironically, the museum facility in Stuttgart was the local slaughterhouse. The museum has 42,000 different pig artifacts which are held in 25 different themed rooms on just two floors. Three of those rooms have rotating exhibits. Descriptions of the rooms and artifacts are printed in German and English. The rooms display art, crafts, pig culture, mythology, symbols, pig figurines, books, movies, hunting tools for wild boars, and even jewelry. After exploring the 800 m2 (8,611 ft2) of pig paraphernalia, head to the ground level where there is a restaurant (serving pork, of course), beer garden, and a terrace overlooking pig sculptures.

The pig museum is open Monday through Sunday from 11 AM to 7:30 PM. Admission cost is €4.90 or $6.56 for adults and €2.50 or $3.35 for children.


The outside of the pig museum prominently displays a large, pink pig next to the restaurant.


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