You don’t have to be a chef to get the perfect pork tenderloin


By: Nikki Whitehead | Technical Communications Design Manager

It never fails. Every time I’m at an event where pork is served at least one person will say “It’s so good. I just never eat it because it’s so dry when I make it.” Then, inevitably someone finds out I work for the pork producers and they ask me for cooking tips. I’m no foodie. Honestly. I don’t like to spend a lot of time experimenting with different recipes, preparing a meal or trying new things out. I’m a busy lady with very little free time on my hands. I like to pop things in the crock pot or the oven and have something that will last me for days. I know a lot of you are the same. So, please let me share something with you. It’s basically magic, and I know you will thank me later. It’s Farmland’s oven perfect pork tenderloin. My mouth just started watering thinking about it. Not even kidding. My friends, this is the answer to your dried pork tenderloin and the answer to your busy time constraints but wanting a tasty meal woes. Let me walk you through quickly.

There are plenty of different flavors, or you can do plain. I opt for the plain tenderloin or my new favorite…Parmesan garlic.

So, this is seriously a three step process. Easy right? Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.
Step 1: Take the labels off, but DON’T take the tenderloin out of the plastic. Put the tenderloin on a pan.

Step 2: Put your tenderloin in the oven for about 35 minutes. After the time is up, check the internal temperature to make sure it is at 145 degrees with a 3 minute rest. Sidebar: I don’t know if you can see this or not, but that bag is FULL of juice. Your tenderloin shouldn’t be dried out at all. Yay for pork that isn’t dry! (I told you guys it was possible!)


Step 3: Slice up your perfect tenderloin and pair with your favorite sides (I chose garlic dill roasted red potatoes and broccoli). Again, please note the amount of juice OOZING from my tenderloin. It’s anything but dry and totally delicious. I even snagged the end piece off and ate it while I was cooking. Hey, don’t judge. In my eyes, that’s the perk of playing chef. Although, I am no chef, but shhh it’s our secret. 🙂
IMG_3689 IMG_3688


There you have it, everyone! VERY easy, simple and quick solution to never have dry pork again. There’s a million way to cook this versatile meat, but this is the one that’s easiest for me. And let’s face it, if I (the worst chef in the world with zero tolerance for cooking and baking) can pull this off, you can too.

Pork Be Inspired!

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