The Art of Grilling












By: Leanna Gubbels


Where would football be at if it weren’t for the pork industry? I mean, the ball is even refer to as a “pigskin” (originated from how the sport began as being played with an inflated pig bladder, later put inside a leather covering.) Just because the summer has come to an end, does not mean that grilling must end either…thanks to the wonderful invention of tailgating- a lovely side that comes along with the great sport of football. I’m sure many of you devoted Huskers fan (or even those of you who are new to the tradition) have heard or been part of the infamous Sea of Red tailgating on Saturdays during football season.

With grilling comes many pork product favorites: hot dogs, brats, ribs, pork chops, pork loin, and pulled pork. Even if you’re more of a burger kind of person, hamburgers by themselves get lonely. Throw some bacon on there and make it a BLT! You can even find some delicious sides that use pork too such as bacon and scallion corn muffins (YUM!), and various sausage or bacon dips.

For those of you who haven’t quite mastered the art of grilling, all is not lost. You can still enjoy premium pulled pork, ribs, and chops  at a tailgate party without even bringing a grill. Before you leave for the game, you simply wrap up your meats in aluminum foil with the seasonings of your choice and place them in a cooler with hot, hot water. This way it cooks the entire time you are driving (Yeah! For multi-tasking) If you have a shorter drive just give it a kick-start by pre-cooking a little before you wrap them up and you’re good to go!

So to sum it up: pigs=pigskin=football=tailgating=grilling=pork=happy, party people

Happy Grilling! Yeah Pigskins!

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