Harvest: The Midwest Holiday


By: Andi Konecky

It’s that time of year once again!  Where you drive down the highway and see nothing but that perfect shade of gold in the fields.  Harvest: it’s practically a holiday here in the Midwest.  There is nothing better than seeing farmers reap what they worked so hard for.  There is a sense of accomplishment knowing that the people in those combines are feeding the world.

At my house, harvest time is often pretty chaotic.  We don’t always have the best luck.  I think everything a Konecky touches has a tendency to break! During harvest or chopping us kids split up who’s going in the tractors and who’s on chore and milking duty.  Regardless of which job you pick you still get to end the day with that sweaty farm smell, some say it’s the scent of hard work, I think it’s just the cow manure! Harvest days like these at our house are celebrated with bologna sandwich breaks and what we like to call our “everlasting tea jug.” I am blessed to say that I get to see this happen every year and be a part of it.

Whether you are from an urban area or rural you should feel a sense of pride as you see the crop production rapidly increase within these fields.  Farmers are feeding more people, while using less space and fewer resources.  How many other occupations can say this? So be patient while you’re driving this Fall as you have to slow down for these hard working farmers and remember they’re often times putting in 15 hour days around this time of year so that there can be food on their table and yours.


*Picture from arnoldne.org

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