Pigs are our biggest heroes


By: Breanna Sensibaugh

This past week two other mentors and I had the opportunity to help with Life on the Farm at the Gage County Fair Grounds in Beatrice. We taught 3rd graders about the importance of pigs and what they provide the community with. We explained to them that pigs are our biggest heroes; because they provide us with meat and other products.  We helped them understand that nothing on the pig is wasted.  Besides meat products we get glass, sidewalk chalk, and footballs; things that they use on a regular basis.


I think that it is important to explain to the younger generation that we treat our animals with care.  There is miscommunication between others that do not have an agricultural background and many things that may be said about our farms are far from the truth.  We explained to them that we use the bigger hog barns to keep our pigs safe from predators, free of diseases and to keep them comfortable.  We told them that we do not harm them in any way and explained to them how the have access to food and water at all times.

Helping with Life on the Farm made me realize that not everyone get to have the experience of being around livestock like we do.  Therefore we have to make sure we educate them in the right ways so that we can keep our farms in the future.

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