The Wheel of Pork


By: Breanna Sensibaugh

On April 20th I had the chance to help at the UNL Rodeo on kid’s day promoting the pork industry to younger children.   I know that younger kids that live in rural areas are educated in the agriculture area but some kids that live in the bigger cities such as Lincoln do not get that chance.  We used a fun spinning wheel called “The Wheel of Pork” to get the kids more involved, and spinning the wheel reveal the question they had to answer.  Many of the players got questions such as ‘This goes good with eggs in the morning?’ Most kids guessed bacon because that was easy for them.  When we asked them, ‘what pigs eat?’ many of them didn’t know what to say at first so we had to give them options. You could see the wheels turning as they were trying to figure out the answer.  Some asked help from their parents but with a little thought many of them got it on their own. For their prize we gave them a pig with the different cuts of meat labeled on it.  But helping with this event also helped me learn more about the pork industry myself.  I didn’t know that chalk, glass and paint brushes came from pigs.  It makes me feel good about myself being able to help the younger generation learn more about the industry and I was also bettering myself and I didn’t even realize it. I think that it is our job to help them understand what we know about the industry and if we don’t know the answer to these questions we should find out for them.

IMG_1135 IMG_1140 IMG_1139

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