Thank a Farmer for Easter Traditions


By: Laura Gorecki


Easter holds many traditions for my family and they both start and end at the dinner table. Prior to the holiday, we dye the traditional boiled eggs using non-traditional items, such as rubber cement and shaving cream. Every year, our kitchen table receives a new splash of color from the dyes. On Easter morning, the kids wake up extra early to find what the bunny left them in their baskets before church. We all attend mass together and take our annual family picture because we don’t dress up in our Easter duds very often! Finally, we gather around the dinner table with our family for an Easter feast.

For many families across America, ham is the centerpiece of the Easter meal and our family is no exception. We also have deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and peach pie. However, none of this would be possible without our farm families. As important as Easter traditions are to my own farm family, the tradition of caring for our livestock is even more important. Our Easter feast will have to wait if a sow is having difficulty giving birth or the water hydrant has broken. Farmers work around the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of their livestock and often don’t get credit for all that they do. So please, remember the farm families as you sit down to Easter dinner with your own family. In fact, make thanking a farmer your new Easter tradition.

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