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By: Andrea Konecky

Hello, All! My name is Andrea Konecky from Wahoo, Nebraska.  I am a freshman at Wayne State College studying Pre-Nursing.  I am a third generation dairy farmer at Beauty View Farm! I know what you’re all thinking, “This girl is in the wrong place!”  I may be a dairy girl at heart but I have a strong passion for agriculture and all that it entails!

I heard about the Pork Mentoring Program from my sister, Melisa, who was a Mentor in the 2011 class.  Melisa was a Counselor for the NAYC (Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council).  The NAYC hosts a week-long summer institute at the UNL campus for juniors and seniors in high school interested in agriculture!  I was lucky enough to meet Kyla Wize at this institute – as she was promoting the pork industry!  Later in the fall, I got the e-mail saying I was eligible to apply for this year’s mentoring class!  I didn’t know if my dairy background would quite fit in, but I knew it was a chance to ‘agvocate’ and educate others while I learned more myself!

I am excited and anxious to get this year under way and work with my fellow mentors that have been chosen!  After attending the first meeting, there is no doubt that this will be an experience I will not forget – and a successful one at that!  This program offers so many opportunities that people my age don’t always get such as: certain job shadowing experiences, working at a food bank, attending various promotional activities as well as getting to create networks within the agriculture industry!  I can’t wait to learn more so I can start educating my peers about the importance of pork and what it can do for us!

Andrea Konecky

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