Growing Personally and Professionally: Pork Industry Day 2013


By: Holly Fujan
On Monday February 25th– Tuesday 26th 2013, the Nebraska Pork Producers Association once again held Pork Industry Day in West Point, Nebraska at the Nielsen Community Center. This event included a variety of speakers, TQA and PQA Plus Certification classes, as well as educational sessions for the youth in Nebraska.


Students who attended the 2013 industry day were able to enhance their leadership skills, while developing personally and professionally. Some of the sessions available for the youth included “Your Personality, Your Career” by Brent Green, which will help students identify their unique personality and the strengths of their personality type, helping them to identity which careers could be a good fit. The students were also able to develop a greater understanding of how to work with people that have different personality types.
DSC_3911 DSC_3912
“Creating a Marketable You” held by Stacey Agnew and Sarah Jenson of the Nebraska FFA Foundation and Shane Meyer of the Plymouth Ag Group, is another session that was held for students. In this session, they tied together all of the important information they needed to know to not only get their foot in the door, but to get hired as well.

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