Advocating Ag Literacy





By: Nate Hanson

Kevin Anderson and the Lyons Decatur FFA chapter recently received a grant from the Nebraska Pork producers. I recently spoke with Kevin on how the funds were going to be used he explained that the chapter was going to be putting together and Ag literacy library. Kevin went on to talk about what exactly Ag literacy is, he said that Ag literacy is the ability to synthesize, analyze, and communicate basic agriculture. This is extremely important because with a world that is growing exponentially we need more people out there to be able to understand agriculture and communicate it with the rest of the world. Not only will it give kids a chance to be able to better understand agriculture, it will bring it to life and make it fun for those students who may not have an interest in it. The opportunities that this will bring the students of Lyons-Decatur are immeasurable. They will be able to look through books, watch videos, and do hands on activities. I wish all schools could have these kinds of opportunities for their students, but without the hard work of Kevin and all of his students the project would have been impossible. The students are very excited to have the project done.

nate hanson ffa

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