The Pinterest World of Pork





By: Courtney Schaardt

We live in a society where communication is constantly happening. We are connected to everyone at all times through the Internet and our phones. Knowing this, we know that we can share things with other people. Most of us have Facebook and twitter but the new thing is Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where users can create boards of pictures where they can pin things about their interests, hobbies and events. This blog gives sense of what my “pig board” looks like on Pinterest.

To start off my board I have different types of recipes. My first one is bacon hearts. This is just something that is easy to brighten anyone’s day.

courtney pintrest 1

The next is a breaded pork chop. I pinned the pork chop because it is something easy and cheap for college students to make.

courtney pinterest 2

The next thing is Indonesian Pork Tenderloin. This is pinned for special occasions when I want to try to make something special. All of the recipes are included in the links on Pinterest. If you click on each of these pictures, it will take you to their recipes.

courtney pinterest 3

Next on my “pig board” are some of the more fun things about pigs. I have a picture of a baby, a pig at a state fair and some pig cupcakes. These are all fun and give a fun portrayal to pork.

courtney pinterest 4 courtney pinterest 5 courtney pinterest 6

Social media is a good way for us to advocate how we want to be seen as an industry. When we pin things, we need to take into consideration how the public views us.  Pinterest is a fun and exciting way to be connected to the people around us. As we “pin” have fun with what you find but remember that we are all connected and that we need to remember the importance of how we wish to be viewed.

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