Social Media: Bacon Style










By: Emma Likens

Bacon is a hot commodity on breakfast tables and brunch buffets all over the world.  In fact, bacon is so awesome that it has created quite a buzz among several social media outlets (for example, check out #baconwaffles on Twitter).

In case you forgot all the available social media outlets out there to use, here’s a little refresher in bacon terms:


Obviously, everyone loves bacon.  But just like the misconception of chocolate milk coming from brown cows, it’s surprising how many consumers don’t realize that bacon actually comes from pigs.  We can use social media as an agent to communicate to consumers about where their food comes from and how it is produced.  One great example is through #AgChat, a weekly Twitter conversation for those involved in raising food, feed, fuel and fiber.  Some common discussion topics are sustainability, water, communication, agronomy, animal welfare, USDA programs, media and consumer perceptions of farming.  #AgChat creates an ongoing dialogue for stakeholders in agriculture.

In addition to #AgChat, it’s sister chat, #FoodChat, takes place every third Tuesday of the month, which allows consumers the chance to meet a farmer and ask questions.  This chat is targeted towards consumers, nutritionists and food choice influencers.

I had the opportunity to meet one of the founders of #AgChat, Darin Grimm, during Ag Future of America Leader’s Conference.  Darin is a farmer in northeast Kansas with a passion not only for farming and precision agriculture but for social media as well.  He believes that participating in social media is not only about telling your story, but also about listening and understanding consumers’ questions.

Last semester I had to get a Twitter account for one of my classes, but I’ve never gotten into the practice of tweeting.  Darin’s advice for those interested in advocating for agriculture through social media is to start slow by following conversations and learning about how Twitter works, then join in on the conversation when you’re ready.

Pretty neat stuff right?  You can learn more about #AgChat and join in the conversation here.

Finally, here’s some pork inspired humor.  Feel free to share it.  Social media is a simple way to be an advocate for the agriculture industry.
















Thanks for reading!


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