I’m Thankful For a Pork Farmer







By: Holly Fujan

With the Thanksgiving holiday soon approaching, most people take this time of year to think about what they are thankful for. Having the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving Day with my family and friends, and of course having good food on the table I have decided that this year I am thankful for pork farmers. Not only am I thankful for pork farmers in general, but there is one specifically that comes to the top of my list, my father. I thankful for my father not only because of all he does for me, as well as being a good role model, I am also thankful for him because I know he is helping to feed Nebraska. Most of the time I think many people take for granted the ease of being able to go into their refrigerator and pulling out some bacon to make a BLT sandwich or going to the store and picking up pork tenderloin to make on the holidays.  Being part of a pork producing family, I know the time and effect it takes our pork farmers to get those products on our kitchen tables.

Whether or not we realize it there is also a need for concern with the hunger issues in our state.  In Nebraska there are many people who will not have enough food that they and their families need over Thanksgiving this year.  The Nebraska Pork Association has helped to make this apparent through events such as the “Pigs on Parade” Public Art Project to raise money to fight hunger and the Giant Canstruction presented at the Nebraska State Fair to raise public awareness of food insecurities many individuals face.

This should be a small reminder that we need to take time to thank our pork farmers for all they provide for us, as well as their fight in helping prevent hunger in Nebraska. Happy Thanksgiving!


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