Pork…Be Inspired!

By: Carl Jacobson

October is pork month in the state of Nebraska. I spend my month celebrating pork a little bit different than most people would. For the upcoming show season I’m out heat checking and breeding my sows. I raise and sell show-pigs throughout the Midwest for kids to exhibit at county and state fairs. This is a major time for people to be breeding sows getting ready for the upcoming year.

How can you celebrate pork month? It could be as easy as cooking a dish that includes pork such as ribs, sausage, or bacon. It also could include going out and visiting with a local pork producer and talking to them about how they raise a safe, and quality product for our tables. No one cares more for the pigs than the producers raising them. It’s football season in Nebraska and tailgate parties are another perfect way to enjoy pork.  So, go out and enjoy delicious pork and help me celebrate this month no matter what it includes. Everyone can do his or her part to help support this industry that means so much to all of us.


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