“Let the experiences find you”





By: Nate Hanson

On the last weekend of July the Wayne county fair takes place, and now that I am too old to show I like to go back and help work the ring and help the showman. What this entails is helping the judge while he is making his decisions on who will be winning the show. Also helping the younger showers with their projects is quite rewarding because county fairs are somewhat dying and anything I can do to help preserve these awesome opportunities I will do. Now you could go to a fair to learn about anything many people go to learn how to judge the livestock, or just to learn about how livestock act. Marty Stewart was the swine judge this year, and he did a very nice job, but my favorite part of the fair is seeing the competition, there is sibling rivalry, best friends arguing over whose better.  So going to a county fair can give you many different experiences you just have to go and then let the experiences find you. I’ll guarantee that if you the fair a chance you will love it as much as I do.

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