County fairs are more than the food and rides







By: Courtney Schaardt

When most people think of county fairs they think of corn dogs, funnel cakes, and carnival rides but, for many people in Nebraska they think of getting their animals ready for the 4-H show. On July 27, I was able to attend my own county fair in Pawnee County for a promotion event for the mentoring class.

This year at the Pawnee County Swine show we had 10 swine exhibitors. This was then broken down to 4 seniors, 3 intermediates and 3 junior showmen. The Grand Champion Senior Swine Showman was Janae Koester. This was Janae’s final year of 4-H. Janae has been a leader in the show ring for quite some time so I asked her questions about showing and her opinion on the fair. This year was very hot at our county fair. Many people were worried about the animals but everyone stepped up to do their part to keep the animals safe. Janae said that she had put up sprinklers and fans to keep her pigs cool. She also checked on her pigs multiple times during the day. Janae has three nephews that were able to show this year so she was a leader to them by teaching them that we care for our animals and how to show them correctly.

After the show I was able to talk about how it’s important that we promote our animals to the public in the right way. We want people to know that we take care of our animals. It was great to be home and to be able to promote pork at my county fair!

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