My Internship and Telling Agriculture’s Story







By: Emma Likens

When I first accepted my internship offer last February with EdMedia, it didn’t occur to me at the time that I would be foregoing my mother’s cooking for the summer.  And while I believe Lincoln will never compare to the wide open spaces of the rest of Nebraska, surviving off my own cooking in the city while interning at EdMedia has definitely been worth it.

EdMedia is a division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources which produces multimedia communications for UNL Extension and faculty and outside clients.  EdMedia has the talent and resources to make a wide variety media, everything from producing HD videos to creating apps.  They also produce two TV shows, Market Journal and Backyard Farmer.

As an intern, I’ve been working on Backyard Farmer and helping write and edit radio content for Ag Almanac.  I’ve learned a wide variety of skills, including how to use and HD video camera and to how to use a Mac computer.  While using a Mac might seem rather insignificant, I am quite proud to call myself computer bilingual now 🙂

Silliness aside, I’ve learned a lot about all aspects of agriculture and horticulture through the projects I’ve been working on.  My background is in pork production, so topics like skip row planting, woodchucks as garden pests and soybean diseases were new to me and exciting to learn about.  I’ve even got to work with some radio announcements about TQA certification and other things related to pork production.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from my internship is the art of storytelling through video.  I am by no means a pro, but I’ve came a long ways since the day I first picked up a camera and was instructed to go shoot something I found interesting.  Naturally, I took the camera home one weekend and shot some footage of the hogs, which actually ended up in a Market Journal segment.  Even though it only played for about three seconds, it’s still a great feeling knowing other people are watching your work.

Finally, one of the most awesome things about my internship is I had the opportunity to produce a video for UNL’s Grow Eat Learn video competition.  Sharing agriculture’s story has always been important to me, so I jumped at the chance to make a video explaining why the agricultural research done at UNL is important both locally and globally (which you can watch here).  While I’m not nearly as funny as the Peterson brothers who created the viral “I’m Farming and I Grow It,” I’m still proud to be telling the world about agriculture.

Thanks for reading!

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