Moo at the Zoo and Pork on the Radio

By:Michelle Semler

On Saturday morning June 30th I had the pleasure of heading over to the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo to help out with “Moo at the Zoo” event with Kyla and Rachel. The “Moo at the Zoo” is a weekend long special event that is country and agriculture themed. Aside from the Nebraska Pork Producers having a tent full of informational material and games for children to participate in, there was also different species of dairy cows that zoo attendees were able to get up close and personal with. And of course good old country music was blaring from the speakers.

Even with a hot day expected the heat did not hinder the number of visitors to the zoo and those taking part in the “Moo at the Zoo” event.  The location was perfect for drawing in visitors as we were placed right next to the Desert Dome and the flow of traffic took zoo attendees right underneath the large tent where the dairy cattle were stationed. It was a joy to see all the giggling and smiling faces of children as they headed our way after having the opportunity to see live cattle.

The zoo was active with a large number of children and their families keeping us busy under the Nebraska Pork Producers tent. The children were enticed in with the opportunity to win such prices as Frisbees, pens, pencils, etc…as well as having the opportunity to learn a bit more about pork production. Rachel was kept busy teaching children how hogs are moved with a rattle paddle, and Kyla explained the amazing model barn showing how pigs are cared for and kept safe everyday and quizzed individuals with their pork knowledge.

As well as keeping busy with the “Moo at the Zoo” event on Friday June 29th I headed down to Russ’s Market on 33rd and highway 2 to help out with a radio remote event. Aside from having the same activities for grocery shoppers to participate in as we did at the zoo, there was also a chance to sign up to win a gift certificate for pork as well as a grill. Tom O from the Eagle was broadcasting live from the event and with his help we were able to bring in a good size crowd even with the hot temperatures.


Another event at Russ’s Market was the opportunity for visitors to take a picture with a pig. A young local farmer brought in three of her piglets and helped children hold them as Kyla snapped pictures. While of course there were a few children afraid to get dirty most of them walked away with smiling faces and a picture of them holding a pig in their hand.


All in all it was a busy and hot couple days, but I enjoyed interacting with individuals of all ages and backgrounds in Lincoln and Omaha.

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