“Clothes don’t come from the mall… food doesn’t come from the grocery store”






By: Courtney Schaardt

Where I come from, life on the farm is the only way of life everyone knows. We all understand where the meat on our plate and the clothes on our bodies come from. To some however, they know that meat comes from the grocery store and clothes come from the mall and not where they came from before that.

On April 3, I traveled with Kyla to Columbus, NE to attend “Life On The Farm” presented by Platte County. In Columbus, we taught second graders about pigs.  We spent the day telling hundreds of kids what pigs eat, what they look like, where they live and how we use them. It was educational for them as it was for me. As I stated before, I just knew about pigs because of the type of community I live in. These kids had no idea about pigs. My favorite part was to see their eyes bulge when you would show them a picture of a full-grown pig.

Agriculture is important and it is important for us to educate people about our way of life and what we do. Agriculture is very important now and more and more people will find how much more important it will be in the future. Educating these kids is a great way to start informing more people about agriculture. I had a great day with Kyla and all of the second graders discussing pigs.

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