Incorporating Pork Into Your Diet Can Tip The Scales In Your Favor




By: Ali Steuer

Take a glance at your watch, or cell phone might be more relevant to today’s population, but it is February.  Slightly just one month has passed since party hats were worn and New Year’s greetings were exchanged.  What else has passed? Oh yeah, that New Year’s resolution many of Americans make every year most commonly to quit using tobacco or shed some unwanted pounds. Statistics show that just after one month, only 64% of the American population has kept their new year’s resolution.  While that means a portion of citizens have become discouraged and quit, it also means that over half of the people still want to follow through! If your goal this year, 2012, is to lose weight or simply eat healthier turn your attention to pork products, the other white meat! And even if it is not, this article might share some healthy recipes you can try at home.

You might be surprised that a pork tenderloin actually contains less fat than a skinless chicken breast.  In fact there are seven cuts of pork with a total fat content that falls between a skinless chicken breast and a skinless chicken thigh.  So while you have a measly two options with cuts of chicken, pork offers eight different cuts (including tenderloin) that will add a variety to your diet.  According to Quick Facts published by the Pork Checkoff, “women who cut calories but included more protein, including six ounces of lean pork per day, kept MORE muscle mass while losing weight than women who consumed the same amount of calories but less protein.  It also adds that consuming higher protein diet also helped retain a sense of satiety or fullness after meals.”

Pork is healthy, pork is lean, and you get it I know. The next step is taking this information and incorporating it into your daily life.  If you are anything like me, cooking an interesting and fun meal is at the back of your “TO DO” list every night.  Instead of flipping through cookbooks (which are always nice to have) I use the many resources on the internet.  If you just use the Google search engine and type “healthy pork recipes” over 79,500 results show up, that should give you a start. Other great resources I personally use include:, (not only pork but many great recipes),, and finally On most of these websites you will have to physically type “pork” in a search engine bar but once done many decadent recipes come up.  Living on my own now, I have begun to try different ways to cook pork rather than just pork burgers and chops on my George Foreman and am quickly finding out how great it is; my goal is one new recipe a week.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me and what better way than to utilize pork into my diet.  Eating lean pork shouldn’t be a New Year’s resolution, because face it a small percentage of those actually follow-through, it should be a life altering decision. And the best thing about it is it requires eating, something we all love to do.  Even though a month has gone by and yes your phone is right the month is February, there is still plenty of time to incorporate pork at least once a week into your diet, so give it a try!

One comment on “Incorporating Pork Into Your Diet Can Tip The Scales In Your Favor

  1. Good information and hints. Looking forward to eliminate a few bodyweight. I’ll offer some feedback just after i test this. Thank you!

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