Thank a Farmer








By: Ann Oswald, mentoring student

It’s Thanksgiving Day and you’re sitting around the table laden with food. Of course there’s turkey, ham, and hopefully some roast beef. The delectable looking bowls of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry salad would make even Martha Stewart envious.

But before the blessing is said and the eating begins, everyone takes a turn going around the table, telling of something for which they are thankful. What will you say this year? Although we could (and should) go around the table hundreds of times with our ‘thanksgivings’, let’s focus on the group of people who made this mouth-watering food on our table a reality….farmers.

The work of farmers endures every day of the year. Animals must be fed, watered, and housed properly through all types of weather. Fields are made ready and seeds planted in the spring. Throughout the summer, land is checked daily as farmers keep bugs and weeds out, while anxiously watching their investment grow. As the crops mature and become ready for harvest, farmers spend days and evenings harvesting the crop. Once sold or stored for later use, the farmer has a myriad of jobs around the farm until beginning this series of events again.

So I began to think, how can we show our appreciation and thanks for all that farmers do? I thought about an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii, or a new tractor. For all they do, either would be well deserved. Unfortunately, for me, a lowly college student, this type of gift isn’t going to happen. (Should you be willing to contribute, however, I know some farmers [i.e. Dad and Mom] who could be packed and ready to board a plane in 24 hours, just let me know.)

All joking aside, our farmers are men and women who enjoy providing for you and I. They delight in the land and lifestyles they live. For their dedication to providing safe, quality food products for Nebraska and the world, we must be thankful. Although we know it’s not nearly enough for all they do, join me as we gather around our Thanksgiving tables, and give a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to our farmers.

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