Closing Thoughts on Pork Month






By: Ali Steuer, Mentoring Student

            October is National Pork Month, an opportunity for hog farmers to not only promote their industry, but to reflect on their recent success.  We have passion and enthusiasm for our product and during National Pork Month we showcase this especially well.  As another October comes to an end we take the time to acknowledge National Pork Month.  A great achievement to reflect on is the fact that Nebraska remains committed to possessing an economy based on agriculture.  Pork production contributes to the success of our economy every day, and that is something to be proud of.

–          CostCo Wholesale ® helped celebrate this month by offering a $2.50 off coupon on a package of Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast.  Customers were also encouraged to find easy and delicious recipes on  In conjunction with the National Pork Producers, this was a great promotional activity for this month’s celebration!

–          As Columbus Day was also celebrated this month and many lucky individuals enjoyed their day off, we remembered that Christopher Columbus brought the first group of pigs to America on his second voyage to the United States.

–          We remember that each year the soybean meal consumed by pigs in the United States is equal to 178 Empire State Buildings!

–          Jane and Kyla (Domestic Marketing Director and Education Director at NPPA) completed four demonstrations at Northeast High School.  They helped prepare bacon wrapped eggs and cowboy pizza in honor of National Pork Month.

–          Nebraska pork producers and packer partners Hormel Foods, Tyson Fresh Meats, and Farmland Foods have donated over $1,600 PLUS matched the dollar donation with pork this month at Food Bank for the Heartland!

–         U.S. Congress had great timing  this month by signing the Free Trade Agreement with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama on October 10th opening up the opportunity for more Nebraska pork to be used for exports! Currently one in every four hogs produced in the United States is being used for exports.

–          One of Metro CC’s culinary students, Clara Durham, invited Kyla and I (Ali Steuer) to speak to her Purchasing Class.  This was a great way to help educate the culinary students on where their product comes from and that it is indeed a safe product! It was a great promotional opportunity for National Pork Month!

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