Mentoring program stretches across generations; provides new experiences

By: Ann Oswald 

This summer has been full of new experiences. One of these new experiences was attending the Platte County Fair hog show. Having experienced limited hog shows throughout the years I knew this would be a great experience and a great way for me to represent the Nebraska Pork Producers and the Mentoring program.

I arrived Saturday morning at 6:45 A.M. for a complimentary breakfast served by several local sponsors. The show started shortly after 7 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge. Before long, the ring was filled with action.

They began with Senior Showmanship followed by Intermediate and Junior. Next came the pewee showmanship class. Watching the youngsters run around chasing their hogs is always a highlight for me. It is encouraging to give these children a chance to be out in the ring as hopefully they will still be showing in years to come.

The live classes then started beginning with under weights and moving up in weight until the last class of overweight hogs was judged. My responsibilities included handing out ribbons to the exhibitors after the judge had placed the hogs. All those helping with the show were extremely polite. In fact, I came to learn that Jill, the Swine Superintendent that I worked with was in the same mentoring class as my brother, Jon. Bill Luckey, the NPPC representative for the Board and family friend was the announcer and it was great to visit with him. He introduced me, talked about the Mentoring program and invited anyone to visit with me who may have questions about the program. It was great to represent the Pork Producers and take part in a new experience. I am continually amazed at the events I am able to experience and will continue to support our great state and our pork producers.

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