Raising green on the green: Pork Chop Scramble golf outing raises scholarship money

By: Ali Steuer

The Tenth Annual Pork Chop Scramble was kicked off this year in Columbus, Nebraska, on July 8th, 2011.  Eager golfers from a variety of sponsors gathered in the early morning at the Elk Creek Golf Course.  Registration began where teams also had the opportunity to purchase as many mulligans as they could afford, only $5.00, and then they were off.  191 golfers rushed to their assigned golf carts and took the course.  Eighteen holes of golf, famous tequila strawberries, sponsored pork, and free beer awaited the day.

I arrived just in time to get assigned to head to hole 9, soon to be renamed the rattle paddle hole.  Once the team’s golf balls arrived on the green they were then instructed to use rattle paddles as a replacement instead of their putter.  Some teams got creative, laying down on the green and using the paddle as a pool stick or shooting it between their legs, but whatever method was used, the ultimate goal was for the longest putt made.  The second team made it to the green and paddled in a lengthy competitive putt. Later on, that record was broken by an even longer putt, which was surprising but a valiant effort was made by all teams.

After rattle paddle, I was instructed to take team pictures at hole 1.  Conversing with the teams while also watching them tee off was a great way to meet the sponsors that came out and donated to the Nebraska Pork Producers.  One team even insisted I tee off for them.  Reluctantly and against all will I grabbed the golf club and attempted to tee off. “WOOF” was the sound the first swing made as I missed the ball.  “WOOF” was also the sound of the second swing as I once again missed the ball.  “PING” was finally the sound of the third ball as it left the tee and rolled down the fairway.  For my second time golfing, I say it was a success.

A Friday away from work to play golf, free beer, and a sponsored meal always attracts golfers to the course and calls for a fun time.  But more importantly than a fun time, the Pork Chop Scramble helped raise money to provide scholarships to Nebraska college-aged students who possess an interest in the pork industry as well as agriculture.  Thanks to the sponsors who are always eager to help out and further education for youth to create leaders in the state in the Nebraska.  Our state is truly unique and great in all the support it gives to our youth involved in agriculture and the Pork Chop Scramble is just another example of that.

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