Swine Barns Exposed

PigletsWant to see how pork producers care for their animals, up close and personal? Here’s your chance to see a 24-hour webcam in two swine barns at Belstra Milling Company in DeMotte, Indiana.

The web cameras are in two of Belstra Milling’s swine barns to allow anyone to observe what happens inside a swine barn. The site is www.realpigfarm.com. Belstra Milling Company vice president, Malcom De Kryger, says his folks are proud of how they handle the animals and want to share what they do day-to day.

The two swine barns that you can see are the Breeding Barn and the Farrowing Barn. The Breeding Barn is where sows are bred as they come into “heat.” The Gestation Barn is where the sows live until they are ready to give birth or “farrow.” Belstra Milling breeds 55 sows per week with 90% being sows and 10% being gilts (females that have never had a litter before).

The Farrowing Barn is where the piglets are born. Belstra Milling has two employees that are specially trained to monitor all of the deliveries. They make sure everything goes well during delivery, and then give the piglets a check-up and their first vaccinations.

To see a Belstra Milling “Day on the Farm” video, click here.

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