Grab your groupies and get grilling for NPB’s national photo contest

Gather your grilling groupies and turn on your TVs and radios because Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian will be hitting the airwaves with tips and recipes to help grillers tame the flame with pork this summer! As a mother of four, and as the host of “Ten Dollar Dinner,” Melissa d’Arabian will be sharing her fun, family-friendly pork recipe for BBQ Blade Steak Papillotes (“food in foil”), and she’ll also be kicking off the National Pork Board’s national photo contest, “Calling All Grillers with Groupies!”

Through August 31, 2010, National Pork Board and America’s pork producers are looking for the ultimate griller with the greatest of grilling groupies to enter the photo contest! Grilling gurus can visit and submit a photo with a caption that explains how they enjoy spending time at the grill with their grilling groupies. The contest is that simple! Take a picture, write a 50 word max caption about you and your grilling groupies and submit it online!

Nothing brings people together during the summer months like food on the grill. And what’s a griller without a little help from their grilling “groupies” – those friends and family members who serve as the sidekick, the sous chef, the bartender to the “grilltender” duties or simply someone to keep the laughs flowing freely.

If you need any ideas, Melissa d’Arabian has some great tips on throwing the ultimate pork grilling party. And if you need ideas on just what to grill, the Food Network Host has great ideas to help you out there too!

One grand prize winner will have a chance to cook alongside Melissa d’Arabian during the New York City Wine and Food Festival this October. So grab your friends, start the grill on and grill with your groupies!

One comment on “Grab your groupies and get grilling for NPB’s national photo contest

  1. Brooke says:

    Love the blog!

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