Pork producer pride

“I have pork producer pride, yes I do. I have pork producer pride, how ’bout you?”

This isn’t the type of chant that you would hear at a football game or maybe not at any time, but I do have pork producer pride for many reasons.

With high input costs of the pork industry, the outbreak of the H1N1 virus and other factors affecting pork producers across the nation, they have a right to be low in spirits. But the wonderful thing about pork producers is that they are keeping their heads up, still working hard to promote their safe and healthy pork products. Pork producers are still in it together.

I saw this upbeat spirit of pork producers last week in Tilden, Neb., a small town of 997, west of Norfolk. I was in town to watch the Elkhorn Valley Falcons take on the Clearwater/Orchard Cyclones in football on a very cold, very wet night, but what I saw first on entering the park surprised me. I saw Ryan Mead, a NPPA Board of Director, and other Nebraska pork producers and Progressive Swine Technologies were bringing a bit of warmth to a high school football game. Not only was the pork tasting delicious, Mead went around to all the tables asking ‘do you like it?’ and spreading good cheer to both the Falcon and Cyclone fans. Although the weather was miserable, the pork sandwiches in our bellies and the smiles from the pork producers brightened the night for everyone.

It made me proud to be a part of the Nebraska pork industry and NPPA is fortunate to have hardworking pork producers across the state. I am confident that pork producers throughout Nebraska are doing their part in promoting the pork industry and NPPA appreciates your good cheer in these tough economic times.

From NPPA to you, we thank you all for your dedication in good times and bad times. NPPA has pork producer pride and so do I.

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