Nebraska youth take action in pork industry

U.S pork producers and the pork industry have been faced with unfathomable challenges over the past year.

Given the additional emerging issues facing the pork producers, the NPPA intern and nine NPPA mentors continue to pursue their goal of educating others and positively promoting Nebraska pork producers by traveling to Iowa for training and the World Pork Expo.

Mallory Wittstruck, the Nebraska Pork Producers Association intern, attended the National Pork Board’s Internship training in Iowa, June 1 and 2, as well as the World Pork Expo.

Along with Wittstruck, the 2009 Pork Queen and Princess  and 23 interns and ambassadors representing several states heard informative speakers from different areas of the pork industry.

After the two day training, the state interns and ambassadors educated nine NPPA mentors about what they learned from the expert speakers.  To continue their training, the interns and ambassadors helped certify more than 20 people through the Youth PQA Plus training at the World Pork Expo after being certified themselves.

NPPA mentors continued their training by experincing first hand the diversity of the pork industry by participating in an exhibitor scavenger hunt at the World Pork Expo.  Mentors were challenged to meet exhibitors from more than 15 different segments of the pork industry.

The mentors also attended a special luncheon provided for SIP investors and were recognized for their involvement in the pork industry.  The luncheon featured Cindy Smith, the Acting Administratior of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, as the guest speaker.

Overall, the NPPA intern and mentors received an educational experience that will only further help them in promoting the importance eof the pork industry in Nebraska.

The NPPA mentors who attended were Laura Vinopal (Omaha), Kayce Kobs (Ashland), Thomas Dux (Fairbury), Eric Miller (Davenport), Jared Lierman (Beemer), Ben Hollman (Lyons), Jessica Clowser (Seward), Brandon Beethe (Elk Creek) and Stephanie Bryant (Kilgore).

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